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TOPIC: Level 200 is almost meaningless on Dofus Kamas 2.0

Level 200 is almost meaningless on Dofus Kamas 2.0 1 year 7 months ago #1282

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And being high degree on Dofus 2.0 implies you spent hours total grinding more than 1 day instead of more than 100 days. Level 200 is almost meaningless on Dofus Kamas 2.0. It is still grinding such as Dofus 1.29, doing the exact same thing over and over. Reaching level 200 in Dofus 1.29 is a massive achievement that only a very few of gamers have. Whereas on Dofus 2.0 everyone is 200, it's essentially given to you for free with how simple it is to level.There's no brain required in either situation. It is the grind. 1 grind takes a lot more than the other.

Not really. Im sitting at 13k accomplishments but I have 100% dungeons except torkelonia, and the wonderful four ones. Dimension trios are easy, did rating 200+trio in catseye for example without giving it much thought in any way. Every turn pvm actually becomes easy, when you're able to cope damage per turn per character. Only thing that really requires insane quantities of thinking and imagination are level infinite dreams. There was a time when frigost 3 was not many individuals a server may do them and dumb hard. We cope like 3-4 times the harm in comparison to those mobs AND days have hp, mechanics and less mp are somewhat more forgiving.

I've played a lot of cellular MMOs in the past few months... here's what I enjoyed. Hope it can help people that are inquiring about those.I've seen so many times the"what's a good mmo for mobile" question that I thought I could talk about my experiences, since I have played a lot of them. Probably a little too much to be honest.So, first of all, all mmos I'm gonna cover are the non-autoplay ones, since I can't stand autoplay, I have tried, many times, but it just doesn't work. I believe I am not playing, and I get the feeling everyone are robots...One last thing, you're very welcome to share buy Kamas Dofus Retro your own ideas and opinions, but this article is for men and women who'd love to perform an MMO in their mobile devices, so, try to not bring the worst side from the comments, that won't be useful to anyone.Ok, so let us get this started!
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