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TOPIC: I do not really mind things like Buy Osrs gold

I do not really mind things like Buy Osrs gold 1 year 5 months ago #2209

There were people with 200m in Runescape gold skill even before the original 07 scape existed.I think that it is because RS3 didnt take the components from RS2/RS2 HD for example competitive material, is what's killed a sizable chunk of this runescape playerbase and the current MTX content bypassing, amount bypassing crap simply adds more to the damage and promotes the wrong sort of runescape playerbase. Again, to each their own but the present trend has certainly damaged runescape and runescape playerbase.The vast bulk of Runescape's content is about as competitively viable as Solitaire, as well as Solitaire's likely more competitive, honestly. The type of competitive gaming that's popular on the web requires skill.

This is without a doubt the argument that needs to be shouted from the rooftops. This spiel by going of playing off as the man that is great. "Oh well we know you appreciate your time. That means you can just give us more money." Is such transparent bullshit and people gobble it up. Paying to jump isn't"valuing your own time". It is a warning sign that maybe runescape is not for you. If you despise playing runescape so much that you would fork over your pay check what exactly are you accomplishing? It does completely devalue the time others have spent earning matters. There will be people who wish to pretend that is a single runescape player game also that what other people do has 0 effect on anyone else but that is just blatantly false.

I do not really mind things like Buy Osrs gold experience boosters and bonus xp. Maybe it's because I've already maxed a few accounts? My problem is purchasing progression without having to interact with ANY content of runescape. Lamps substituted with xp modifiers like heartbeat cores and bonus xp and should be removed from all MTX.

I also believe all proteans ought to be removed out of runescape UNLESS they include recipes for them via Invention (or another skill or activity, does not really matter to me). Obviously the entire loot box item is really shitty. I've never been a fan of that kind of MTX, even in different games. So I would like to see that changed.
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